Why I’m Here

Here’s the showing. Now, the telling:

My wife Diana Star Helmer just published her 44th book. It’s a mid-grade novel about a dog-loving knitter who believes she can create anything.

That’s not the only story this book has. Diana played by the rules for years. She submitted her unsolicited query. Months passed. She kept looking for those returned SASEs. Garbled form letters sometimes came. Later, publishers shirked even that courtesy, stating essentially, “No reply means no interest.”

Diana has stopped waiting for editors and agents to give her permission to tell her stories. Kindle, Nook and other e-book platforms have welcomed her. She’s being a published author NOW. Like her protagonist, she believes she can create anything.

Those untold stories need to be told, and shared. That’s my plan. Telling Diana’s. My own. And yours.

(Cover design by Vicki Palmquist) 


2 thoughts on “Why I’m Here

  1. Diana’s dilemma is all about passionate expression and a firm belief in one’s vision. Fortitude. The physical act of reading is evolving and publishing houses are slow to change. Thank you, Diana Star Helmer (and Tom Owens – super supporter) for pursuing, and never giving up. I can’t wait to read #45!

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