If Your Mama Says She Loves You…

check It out!

I confess. I am a journalism school graduate. This ancient adage was one of the few nuggets I mined in my years of academic prospecting.

Why don’t more people apply this dose of hopeful skepticism to their daily lives?

Here are some simple truths:

1, Asking is free.

2. Trying is free.

3. There are few, if any limits, on #1 and #2.

The white flag of surrender doesn’t need to be waved after one attempt for newspaper coverage. You tried once, but it didn’t work. No one commented on your Facebook post.

That was yesterday. Don’t give up. Ask the winners. Ask for help. In baseball, hitters keep track of their batting averages. Their hits, their successes — not the outs.

Been there, done that.

Advertising dollars aren’t the only way to be visible. “But everyone else advertises…”

If you want to be unique, act that way.

In an overwhelming number of instances, the ad rep is not the editor. Don’t let the ad seller claim that there’ll never be an article that promotes your business. A salesperson want your money, not your news.

There’s many detours and shortcuts to getting recognition. Keep questioning.





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