Menards Offers Home Improvement + Self-Improvement

Have you been missing out on a bounty of fortune cookies each week?

Come Sunday, grab the latest weekly ad from Menards. Or, look online at the store website.

That last line at the bottom of every page of their circular. Squint hard, or get your magnifying glass.

Free words of wisdom on every page. Fortune cookies without the calories.

“The few who do are the envy of the many who only watch,” was a favorite saying I found, perhaps nestled below pictures and descriptions of sale toilets.

Seriously, nearly every page has an aphorism. Ads then adages. I’m guessing that the majority of customers have never seen the free “prize” they’re offered each week. Throughout December, Menards offers page after page of holiday insights without relying on Hallmark.

Home improvement fans lovingly call the store chain “Men’s Yard.” I call them old-school role models. The family-owned business opened its first store in 1972. The count soared to 262 stores in 2011.

Menards isn’t being Lowe’s or Home Depot. The mystical missives hidden below ad fine print are a superb communications strategy. Each week, quietly and consistenly, a corporation is sending signals that it‘s…



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