Feeling Invisible? Try A Letter To The Editor

Small-town merchants may sigh. They’d love to get even their name in the local newspaper without spending oodles on ads.

In fact, they might be yearning for a mention on the business page. If only they could fit in with everyone else. Sadly, they’re overlooking one of the hottest pages in the paper.

Everyone wants to see the letters to the editor. After obituaries and the police report, that’s the third lure.

“But I don’t have anything to protest. I’m not taking a stand on any issue.”

Here’s a “spin” to take, a position that no one would argue against:


Say a sincere thanks for someone or something. Say why you are grateful. Mean it. For instance, consider praising a well-written, uplifting feature in that newspaper.

These letters are craved by editors, but they often come just during the holidays.

“But how do you make your sales pitch and promote your business doing that?”

You show what kind of a person you are to know — and do business with. Customers may not recall the greatest-named business in the world, but they’ll remember the good guy who runs it.

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