PR Advice From ‘Bull Durham’ Movie


Go with the basics, says Crash!

How can I make myself appealing to more media? You’ve lived the answer. Your past is a key to your future. Be yourself.


“Don’t think. It can only hurt the ball club.”

Veteran catcher Crash Davis told rookie pitcher Nuke LaLoosh why he gave up a home run in the movie Bull Durham. In other words, don’t overanalyze.

When Republican Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan visited Clinton, Iowa, the tie-in was obvious. Alma mater? No. Congressional collaboration? Nope.

Ryan’s mother-in-law grew up in Clinton. That was good enough to create a family reunion subtext and personal back-story for cameras.

Through your high school or college background, your church membership, club background or your relatives, you may have more connections than you ever imagined. Simple can be profound. People want to feel they know you. Knowing OF you counts. Don’t overlook the obvious.


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