Tammy Lawson’s “The Central Iowan” Redefines Daily Media

MARSHALLTOWN, IOWA — The daily newspaper, the Times-Republican, has been the communication of choice for decades.

Therefore, with a circulation in the thousands, the T-R becomes the only choice for sharing a story?

Not necessarily.

Facebook hosts an amazing alternative. Tammy Lawson is more than a talented photographer. She’s trying to provide an alternative to what’s been the only print show in town for years and years and years.

The latest count says that “The Central Iowan” has 1,711 likes. These are like-minded individuals who share Tammy’s vision. They aren’t people wanting just obituaries or the police report. They want to experience the community and area in new ways.

How has Tammy done it? She says:

“With about 500 of them (likes), I ‘gasped and begged’ friends in the Marshalltown area to join the page. haha!!! The rest was just word of mouth. I hope to have the website going before too awfully long. I think it’s a conglomeration of a few things, really – some live far away and it’s a small connection to ‘home,’ some have said they joined because I don’t include the politics/religion aspect, or I used to write for the T-R, gaining a small following and I always tried to state just the facts and be fair (unless it was a personal note of my own opinion), and that’s very important – facts, truthfulness and nothing more because once I purposely try to distort facts, my credibility is shot. Every journalist is going to make a mistake now and then, but the public is pretty privy to someone’s integrity.”

Who awaits your words? As you seek to communicate and connect with others, take a second look at the venues available. Knowing who will be at the party allows you to decide what to bring.


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