Fast Food Giant’s Economic Secret?

I took the time to praise a nearby fast-food eatery last week.

The cashier sprang from his register, without being ordered or requested, to help me carry my heaping tray.

The dining room supervisor volunteered to get me a refill for a glass of water!

The owner of the location replied to my email. Impressively, this was a personal response. No robotic company-speak.

The owner, who implied that he owns several locations of this franchise, said that he sat his general managers down for a meeting. He acknowledged that the economy was bad, asking them to focus on service, cleanliness and hospitality.

“I told them, let’s just be nice.”

His exact words.

No new product. No secret sauce.

This may not seem so revolutionary to others in business. Here’s the revolutionary part.

Imagine a business employing this strategy NOW. Not when profits are down and backs are against a wall. Acting beats REacting.


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