Postal Service Workers Shine!

All those packages and cards should be mailed, right?

I received two bonuses during my last trip to the local post office, receiving far more than I sent.

First, one elderly woman groaned as she piled packages in front of the postal clerk.

“I’m keeping you in business,” she deadpanned.

I swear, I saw the eye of the USPS staffer twinkle.

“We appreciate your patronage,” she responded with a smile.

The customer paused. “You’re welcome.” She smiled back, offering a shocked, involuntary grin.

One window over, the same scenario replayed. Another granny muttered, “I gotta just do gift cards next year. It’d be simpler.”

The man behind the counter welcomed the opporutnity. “We’re grateful for every package you send.”

Another stunned face appeared. “It’s no problem.” She left looking like a lottery winner.

Small-talk can be replaced by big talk. Just a few words. It’s the perfect marketing strategy. The meaningful interactions took seconds. The hope and gratitude included in the transactions will last lifetimes.


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