Say YES To The Santas

Santa Claus treats the world one day per year.

Santa Diana’s gifts come at every piano lesson.

In addition to being a talented author, Diana Star Helmer is midway through her 35th year as a piano teacher.

After each lesson, Diana offers a present for each student. She asks organizations and businesses she believes in to share. Do they have a kid-friendly trinket she can pass along to a worthy student? One example of a hit that kids and parents both raved about was the Anderson-Erickson key chain. The famed dairy created a rubber key chain shaped like their signature egg nog carton.

Each week, she tells the story of the giver, and why she likes the product or the cause. (One cause-related goodie was a ruler made out of recycled phone books, courtesy of the local landfill.)

Yes, advertising appears on each gift. That’s the point. Kids and their families feel good about knowing specific places that rewarded students. Diana explains that this is a gift she’s sharing, a gift intended for these students in this town. This is paying it forward.

Santas like Diana are everywhere. Find them. Work WITH them. When you do, everybody wins.

See you in January!


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