‘Are You Still Kicking Your Dog?’ Hazing

You’ve read, or HEARD (even worse!) the put-down questions before:

“Do you have a degree in public relations or marketing? Oh…”

“Do you have any experience working at an ad agency?”

“You’re not from around here, are you?”

Grade school. College. Now the real world.

Are these REAL questions from REAL people? Or, is someone trying to eliminate you in a “gotcha!” game?

How do I cope with such questioning? I try. Here’s some guidelines that I hope help:

You are scaring them. That’s good. They realize you’re different. Or, they’re afraid you’ll be trying to make them be YOU.

The questioners are questioning themselves.

“Why are you asking?” is a good starting reply. Everyone unclenches their fists in this round. Fists are no good for typing.

You may want to pick up your toys and go home. These may be no people to play with. However, the “why” will get you the real answer sooner.

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