Sending Valentines All The Time

It’s started. Agonizing in the greeting-card aisle. Pick the best card-o-love before Feb. 14. The BIG day.

So many people pass up the opportunity to send Valentines all year. Forget the red envelopes. These are called handwritten thank-you notes.

Here’s a secret: while your hearts-and-flowers card may be lost or recycled by March, the note of thanks lives on.

True story…

I worked as a reporter in a daily newspaper office in a past life. The reporter I replaced knew the power of thank-you notes. She papered her cubicle with them. They worked like a force field.

I heard two staffers muttering one day. Their names will be Jealous and Mystified.

“How does she get so many notes?“ asked J. “Does she ask for them?”

“I just think she does her best,“ replied M. “People appreciate that.”

In baseball lingo, a ground ball that eludes fielders into the outfield for a hit has “legs.” The same holds true for thank-you notes. They get saved, shared and remembered.

As will your story.


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