A Bathroom Cheer for Lid-lifting Men

Bathroom Sign

Aunt Bernice never talked about poetry. Today, she was excited.

“Look at the sign on the bathroom wall. I saw one. I loved it, so I made my own!”

Behind the toilet was her hand-lettered art:

We aim to please, You aim, too, please!

Three sons and one husband made her the ideal audience. No one had to sell her on the concept. Some 40 years ago, she sold herself.

I’ve searched for the origins of this slogan. Good luck finding this motto originator. Someone amused him (or HER) self. That’s how brilliance spreads…one delighted person at a time.

By the way, Aunt Bernice would be proud. The sign, and other bathroom humor, is sold at http://www.justbathroomsigns.com/.


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