10 Ten Blog: Really Funny, But REAL

Russell Deasley speaks my language.

I flipped when I found his blog, The Very Best Top 10, which he’s subtitled “The Top 10 Of Anything and Everything.”

Funny pictures. Good stuff. Did I find a like-minded humor fan? Is this someone I can relate to — even trust?

Before I investigated additional top 10 lists, I found the “about” section. Russell is the real deal.

He tells about his roots as a blogger: “After working for most my life in a factory and finding it very hard to afford to eat let alone live, I decided to change my life.”

Passion. Sincerity. Good! More, please.

As to a theme or mission in his content? “I would consider all my G+ & blog posts family friendly as I just post fun things and stuff in the form of a top 10 that I enjoy talking about. Yes I am a bit of a nerd but I am also a strong family guy with a happy wife and child, so I just want to bring people something that will enjoy reading and maybe even smile or love.”

Russell is beyond FAQ techno-prose. No trendy catch phrases. He’s honest. He’s focused. He makes a connection.

Wordmasters quibble with the “what” and “how” theories. The Russells of the world cut straight to the “why.” The W.G. (why guy) hooks me every time.



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