Your Magic Lamp Is Rubbed Daily: Do You Know How To Make The Best Wishes?

“Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.”

Why does everyone treat this like the straight line for a comedy act?

“Uh, a spare million dollars would be nice!”

This might be a translation:

“I believe in you. Let me be part of your adventure.”

Of course, this isn’t Barbara Eden, able to blink up any of your desires. Nevertheless, this ally came to you.  No magic words needed.

In fact, there could be a whole throng of allies, all with the same mission: YOU.

Have three real wishes ready, wishes you could request of any such person. Putting up posters, forwarding your website/blog to one person, suggesting the best local media to share your story…you know what small tasks would bring big results.

Offer the wish menu. “Accomplishing any of these would be a great gift to me. Which one would be easiest for you?”

Better yet, try your fan/friend/customer genie with just one wish. Make it easily-definable, something that won’t be a full-time toil.

When that genie brags about completing the task, ask again.

Sure, a frustrated genie might temporarily disappear in a cloud of blue smoke. Take that chance. The only wish never granted is one never requested.


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