Don’t Be Dave Ramsey…Be YOU

“Better than I deserve.”

Anyone who’s heard Dave Ramsey’s financial advice radio show gets to hear him whip out his one-liner daily.
The nervous caller mumbles “How are you?”


Yes, he can be wise, persuasive, maybe even funny. That doesn’t mean you should be a human photocopy of him.

From customers, co-workers, even friends and family, you’ll hear the “How are you?” question on the job, too.

Is it just nervous, meaningless small talk? Maybe not.

Are you excited about a new project? Tell. Share. After all, they did ask.

You don’t need a rehearsed one-liner. And don’t get me started about those “elevator pitches.”

No need to pitch or sell. Take the time to be real. Communicate. There may not be an instant payoff. However, instead of gabbing about the weather to the next guy, that listener may share, “Have you heard what Tom’s doing?”

Your story becomes THEIR story.


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