Let The Queen Be The Queen


I found this on etsy. This would be great reminder to avoid the royal “we.”

Humility can be overrated.

The royal “we” can work for world leaders. Business is trickier.

I’m astounded at the number of one-person ventures that have no face or voice. The one in charge feels too humble to step forward. Or, there’s an itch to pretend that there’s a chorus line of co-workers ready to come out and perform.

The worst part? I hate feeling that the plural announcement is a shell game. Do some people employ a “we” to imply that some unavailable person on the throne is making the decisions, and the business is helpless in ever changing?

Consider substituting a “me” for the “we.” The cutest coffee shop name in the world might not roll off the tongue of a customer who prefers to say they enjoyed a dark-roast mug at “Betsy’s.”

Too often, we-speakers trip on the details. Quit fixating on who is your royal family, or why you don’t want a queen.

Your customers are your fans. Like fans of a sports team. The players are identified with numbers. Fans get rosters and identify individuals.

Speak up. Stand up. Be somebody. We…I mean I…think it’s worth a try.


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