Micro-blogs Can Produce Major Results

I share the town with the “Kornerman.”

Mo Kelley is a local historian. For years, he wrote a nostalgia column, a “Do You Remember…” feature for the Boone (Iowa) newspaper when he wasn’t serving as sports editor. His nickname comes from the column’s name:

Kelley’s Korner.

Mo is a 70-something who took to the Internet when the newspaper quit appreciating him. With the fervor of any ‘zine faithful, people appreciating the history of this Central Iowa town viewed Mo as their forum leader. He’s shared news of new businesses opening. When a restaurant changed hands and the new owner said he’d consider adding menu items from past Boone establishments, Mo sounded the call for anyone who could recall former menus of beloved eateries.

Mo is a one-man production company who fuels his blog on reader donations. He’s an example of a small, focused blog with an avid audience. His readers include former residents throughout America who yearn for any connections to their hometown.

I think the news impact from “Kelley’s Korner” could match, even outdo, what the local newspaper could provide. As you seek sources of publicity, try keyword searches of the town coupled with “history” or “nostalgia.” Then, discover great online alternatives for publicity. Most of all, don’t assume that bigger is better.


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