Dear Hy-Vee: Here’s To Helping Your Helpful Smiles In Every Aisle

Free endorsement: I shop at Hy-Vee every week. Good selection and great staff.

In fact, the gorgeous color ad each week has “Helpful Smile In Every Aisle” sidebars. A staff member from one of the many stores gets saluted.

Fun photos and impressive writing.

Trouble is, the writing might be going to waste.

Often, the Hy-Vee worker gives a supposed testimonial of 200 words or more. The are action-oriented workers. I can’t believe that they’d sit still and recite extended eloquence about the kinds of ice cream they stock.

They’re busy doing. Serving.

That’s why I’d edit that old adage and hope they’d add the wisdom to their inventories:

One good sentence is worth A THOUSAND words.

Just like the blurb on a movie poster, one sentence could sway me in my grocery-list-making decisions. Why do they like their jobs? It doesn’t have to take a quarter-page explanation.

I’ll credit Hy-Vee’s account for a thousand words for the good candid picture they supply of each saluted employee. Let that star worker offer one meaningful sentence.

As a crusty old magazine editor once reminded me — “Get in, get out.”

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