Tom Morkes Shares 2 Days With Seth Godin


I salute Tom Morkes, U.S. Military Academy graduate and Iraq war veteran.

He’s using that same selfless resolve to write and inspire.

When he spent nearly $2,000 getting to a 2-day intensive workshop with marketing superstar Seth Godin, Tom thought of one thing:


He turned his notes into the e-book 2 Days With Seth Godin.

Ever sat in class wondering what the smartest kid was writing down? Or, did you think that even one peek at that star student’s notes might make you an instant honor-roll addition?

That’s the power of Tom Morkes. He’s cooked down Seth Godin’s wisdom into bite-sized treats.

Here’s just one favorite of mine…

“Write your book only if you can say to yourself with certainty:

this is going to blow the minds of 10 people.

Write out loud for these people – no one else.”

You get a “you are there” vibe from Tom’s recap. Most importantly, he’s not overshadowing  Seth Godin. It’s not a “ME-ME-ME at Seth Godin’s workshop.”

We do see the power of Seth’s words at the end of the book. He challenges each participant to create and ship something in the next 30 days. For Tom, that was creating his own inspirational tome called The Art of Instigating.

Seth Godin remains on my reading radar. I’m adding his student, Tom Morkes, to that same list of uplifting authors worth following.


4 thoughts on “Tom Morkes Shares 2 Days With Seth Godin

  1. Thanks so much for the review, Tom! Glad it could make an impact and happy I had the opportunity to share it. Keep doing great work, Tom!

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