‘The Blogger Abides’ Should Abide Everywhere!


Thank you, Chris Higgins.

Your Kindle e-book cover breaks the mold. There’s no dollar sign image, no sack of money. The only bone you throw to dreamy get-rich-quick bloggers is your subtitle:

“A Practical Guide to Writing Well And Not Starving.”

You are honest, detailed and real. In your “Living Small” chapter, you reveal the secret to being fiscal survival as a self-employed writer…

“The answer turned out to be staggeringly simple: they didn’t buy anything.”

Bless you for telling us what DOES NOT work. Other “how to” authors might wince at discussing a daily routine. It’s nice to see that your career has developed just like ours, trial and error. Your “Business, Blah Blah Blah” section is gold. Concrete examples about contracts, invoices, even getting paid MORE. So many weekend seminars are filled with endless inspirational quotes from dead authors. How did they get paid? They’re too busy being famous and dead to help with these important basics.

You’re funny and focused, Mister H. You’ve left nothing out. We learn how interviews can be time-sucking frustrations. (On a great day, I’ve averaged 7 minutes for transcribing one minute of recorded interview, only to be exhausted afterwards.)

I was jazzed to peek at the Chris Higgins blog, only to see that he’s quit his day job. He discusses how he’d make that decision in detail in his book.

The book is informative fun. Chris has bestowed blogdom with some stellar insights. Abide with this author!


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