Plan Your Own Eulogy NOW

“I never knew _____, but…”

Those are some of the saddest words ever spoken at a funeral.

That’s a sadness I’m hoping to help change.

Too often, the brave person (often the clergy) conducting a funeral service has to be a detective in preparing a tribute to the deceased. Someone dies, and the surviving family members look to their religious leader to lead the service.

The trouble is, the person who has died may not have shared that religion. They are strangers to whoever is officiating.

Hearing an obituary recited isn’t the same.

I’m here to help. I’ve created a list of questions for someone to answer. An example is, “What makes you laugh?” During the sadness of a funeral, comfort comes in remembering the departed as someone joyful — not that body in the casket.

Then, I prepare a one-page eulogy. A tribute. This can be filed away, ready to be shared with the person conducting the future funeral. If your minister or service leader truly knew the deceased and wants to expand upon the memories shared, that’s great. The pre-planned eulogy is a solid foundation.

The non-religious out there need to be prepared. Your survivors may be pressured into choosing a minister for your service. I’ve attended services of non-churchgoing deceased. The minister who never knew the deceased turns the service into an “altar call,” the call for religious conversion. Sort of a “don’t let this happen to you” commercial.

How would you like to be remembered? You can help those you leave behind now. I can help you help them.

This is a confidential service. Use my e-mail address at my bio page, Tom WHO? Owens?!? for more information.


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