Great Writing Advice…At Home?

It's her birthday! Please, buy her e-book!

It’s her birthday! Please, buy her e-book!

A certain author’s birthday is coming up next week. I’d love to give her some new readers for Elsie’s Afghan, her wonderful e-book novel.

This same Diana Star Helmer said one of the smartest ideas I’ve ever imagined about writing. It bears repeating.

Years ago, we knew a disgruntled children’s author. Lots of complaining without taking action. She had known commercial success in kidlit-land years earlier. She kept hoping the past would return.

At last, Diana asked this suffering scribe: “You write so many children’s stories. Is that still your favorite kind of book?”


“What do you like to read then?”

Um…”adult mysteries.”

Yes, Diana connected the dots.

“Why don’t you write what you’d like to read?”

I could hear the heavenly chorus sing. The darkness disappeared. Someone listened and made the change. One happy mystery novelist proved that “write what you know” is new and improved.

A free present to all of you from next week’s birthday queen.


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