Sidewalk Chalk Writer Knows His Readers

Inspired? Get your tools at!

Inspired? Get your tools at!

Here’s a word of non-political praise for sidewalk chalk celebrity Jeff Olson.

Olson faced 13 years in prison for chalking words of protest on the sidewalk outside a large California bank. I’ll not mention the name of the bank nor the political movement Olson got inspired by.

Instead, I’ll just note one overlooked fact:

Olson knew his readers. He didn’t have an exclusive audience of corporate bankers. He knew that average folks would be reading his ponderings.

Average folks who could be the peers selected for his jury.

Their reaction? Innocent. Thirteen times innocent.

In the news coverage following the trial, Olson was quoted as saying that his chalk made more of a point that an airplane towing a banner.

What’s your message? Who’s your audience? How are you communicating with them?

Chalk one up for Jeff Olson!


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