Saluting ‘The Art Of Instigating’ By Tom Morkes


“If you’re a writer, it’s the difference between walking into Barnes and Noble to see a book with your name on it, front and center in the store, and reading the lackluster words of a stranger whose idea you had years ago, if only you had started…”

— Tom Morkes

Tom Morkes continues to amaze. I found his 2 Days With Seth Godin e-book to be a burst of you-are-there inspiration. Tom’s flagship e-book has been The Art of Instigating, offered free to anyone who signs up for his free “The Resistance Broadcast.”

Tom’s Instigating e-book is stealth inspiration. He helps readers identify and understand sources of fear and inactivity. His tone is “try this.” Try every day. The sustained effort matters.

Ever read an author barking orders, commanding readers to follow instructions or suffer? That’s not Tom. He lays out the “why” and “how” of motivational, allowing you to take charge…and take credit for the results.

Ironically, Tom is a U.S. Army veteran. He’s led troops. However, the author is offering options, not ultimatums, in Instigating. He gives readers keys to this vehicle of progress. It’s up to us how fast to proceed or what direction to pursue.

Readers should investigate Instigating to see the creative roadmap Tom will be using for the next year. He’s left the military with grand plans. A year of world travel, the launch of his own publishing company and marriage are but a few of the highlights of his to-do list. He promises regular updates via his blog. It’s nice to see an author “walking the walk.”

Anyone who missed 2 Days With Seth Godin can pick up the e-book in a free PDF version from Tom Morkes at


One thought on “Saluting ‘The Art Of Instigating’ By Tom Morkes

  1. Tom – thanks so much for the kind review. You’re words and review mean the world to me.

    Hope to continue producing compelling content. And love that you’ll be there for the journey.

    Stay in touch and let’s talk soon!

    – Tom

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