Author Randall Platt Brings Christmas In July


“I hate it when authors quote themselves.”

— Randall Platt

Make that Randall Platt, AUTHOR.

Ever read 999 reviews, but think you need one more opinion of a book? I’ve been there. I think that’s a case of wanting to find a like-minded author, someone who wouldn’t be a pain to converse with. I’ve interviewed authors who are anything but. They are ME-ME-ME types who expect you to yield the floor to them. Hello. HYPE-PLUG-SELL. Rinse, lather, repeat.

None-of-the-above Randi, someone my wife and I discovered years ago, has never disappointed. Her sharp sense of humor and giving nature always delivers: in print, website or Facebook. Her website is filled with writerly tips, ones she passes out like bouquets when starring as a writing conference speaker.

Choose Liberty’s Christmas or any of her other titles. You’ll find refreshing, unique characters and storylines. Cry. Gasp. Laugh. She’s far from predictable. To speak in baseball lingo, she’s akin to the “any pitch at any time — and for a strike!” pitcher.

Skip the hokey Xmas sales this month. If you want Christmas in July, give yourself the gift of reading Randall Platt.

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