Grandma’s Best Writing Advice

My Grandma Mata Owens came from Slickford, Kentucky.

I remember watching The Beverly Hillbillies on TV once at her house. She looked at Granny Clampett and snorted. “You think that’s funny?”

This was because my grandma was Irene Ryan’s twin!

Grandma Owens owned a corncob pipe. It wasn’t until her last days in the hospital that her snuff-dipping habit was made public. She insisted on the kids having whiskey and honey if they had a slight cough. She’d take a BIG dose first, just to show us that it wasn’t so bad.

Oddly, she was a judge of good writing. Whenever a grandkid got her a Hallmark card, she’d open the greeting, peer at it then proclaim, “That’s purty! Read it out loud for ever-body, Tommy!”

I would. She’d close her eyes, nod, then sigh (like she had another whiskey and honey) at the completion of the recitation.

I’ve found other medicinal cures. However, Grandma’s writing advice still applies.

Read it out loud. It doesn’t matter if everybody hears. Listen to the words. You’ll know if it isn’t so bad. It might even be “purty.”

Thank you, Grandma.


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