Laura Purdie Salas Shares Trade Secrets In ‘Writing For the Educational Market’


Writing for the Educational Market is a vital e-book for any freelancer. So vital that you won’t want to tell anyone else about it.

I have written more than 50 books for children. The bulk of these have been done for companies that serve schools and libraries.

Author Laura Purdie Salas does a fine job explaining this world of kidlit. Most importantly, she‘s giving other authors lots of details so they can get in on this action.

She’s made between $15,000 to $20,000 per year writing these work-for-hire books.

Salas compares this realm to trade publishing. I learned early that bookstores avoid these books, because of the cost. The books receive a special binding to withstand years of student use. (The bindings also take up more room on store shelves.)

Be aware of two other drawbecks in the educational field. Salas makes it clear that most of these assignments are flat-fee, one-time payments. The book ideas usually get developed in-house. Therefore, authors won’t get royalties. Secondly, copyright remains with the publisher. Authors must write to specific educational guidelines. There’s not a lot of creative freedom.

On the positive side, educational titles get done fast. I’ve had deadlines of 2-4 weeks on many titles.

Salas spells it all out for readers. How do you get known (even as an unpublished author), getting assignments from educational publishers? Specific steps are shared. Actual query letters and complete writing samples she used are included. Even better, she’s naming specific publishers who may be seeking new writers right now. Finding such a giving author, even in a how-to title, is rare.

Too often, how-to books contain far-fetched irrelevant examples or XYZ hypothetical publishers (so you won‘t steal the author‘s meal tickets). Knowing that these specifics worked for Salas make the book even more meaningful.

This author is a former teacher. She isn’t a “let’s all get rich quick” hype-peddler. Her e-book is the result of a course she taught for years. Before wincing at the $9.99 pricetag, know that these lessons have never been offered in one place in such detail.

One warning: the author doesn’t preach on the specialty of this market. Editors want their educational titles to be informational and entertaining. Don’t think that children’s publishing allows shortcuts, simpler writing for younger readers. Another word of warning: these types of books are not a minor league, stepping stone or consolation prize until you get your gig writing for adults.

If you want to learn the genre, start here. Salas is a proven winner in publishing. She’s sharing insights that other successful writers hoard. Get this e-book and join a whole new world of published, paid authors.


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