‘Drawing Your Life’ Offers Writerly Inspiration

Read it. BE it!

Read it. BE it!

Me? Draw?

I try. I enjoy, but don’t share my visual depictions.

However, that repressed artist in me was “drawn” to the new book by Michael Nobbs, founder of the website and blog Sustainably Creative.

I think the subtitle sold me. You can judge a book by its cover, when the words include:

“Learn to See, Record and Appreciate Life’s Small Joys.”

That’s why I write.

I’m so glad that this drawing cheerleader included his own story in the book. He tells of being diagnosed in the late 1990s with chronic fatigue syndrome, “…an illness that means I’m a lot like an old rechargeable battery that can’t hold much of a charge. Each day I have a limited amount of useful energy to work with and do my best to make each ounce count.”

His website and blog add greater detail. While not physically able to complete detailed paintings, Nobbs became a master at drawing when he felt well enough.

The book is a non-stop joy. He describes fast, fun projects any non-artist would be willing to attempt.

Drawing by drawing, word by word, page by page. He has persevered and triumphed.

Write what you can, when you can. Don’t let the limitations win. Thank you, Michael Nobbs.

Words matter.


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