Savor Bernadette Jiwa’s ‘The Fortune Cookie Principle’


The Fortune Cookie Principle: The 20 Keys to a Great Brand Story and Why Your Business Needs One is a creative buffet served up by visionary author Bernadette Jiwa.

Anyone who’s ever visited Jiwa’s website The Story of Telling know that she’s one smart cookie herself.

In her essential e-book, she’s redefined the plodding, traditional concept of “marketing.” While other authors are fixated on marking their territory with “I” and “me” prefaces, Jiwa is content to shine the spotlight on companies and entrepreneurs gifted at connecting who they are with what they offer.

Jiwa explains the title, telling her theory of all successful product and service have the “cookie” and “fortune” elements. The cookie is the tangible. The fortune is the intangible, the story evoking the passion, joy and other emotions that a loyal reader or customer wants. Of course, she confirms that most sellers tout only the visible, not the feeling such a purchase will bring.

Notice, too, Jiwa’s promise in chapter 2: “Purpose — The reason you exist.” She apologizes to the get-rich-quick readers, explaining…

“If you’ve mistakenly picked up this book looking for a shortcut to the money, thinking that “a story” might be it, I’m sorry. I know for sure that Amazon will give you a refund.”

She continues, offering a myriad of examples of creative souls putting the “why” in their work. As a result, customers become devoted, passionate followers. All through honesty and empathy.

The book’s interactive element won me over. “Questions for You” end each chapter. The author helps a reader relate and apply the examples to their own goals.

How-to books can suck the life out of writing or any creative endeavor. Any writer could benefit from Jiwa’s refreshing guidance. Her last chapter sums up the power of a good story as your foundation:

“It’s Not How Good You Are: It’s How Well You Tell Your Story.”

Read her blog. Get her e-book. Put Australia’s greatest import on your creative radar.


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