Brandon Ruse Book The Perfect Prescription For Shy Writers


Brandon Ruse has picked himself.

This medical school student hasn’t waited for the publishing fairy to sprinkle magic dust on him. Instead of waiting to be empowered with a second college degree, he’s serving now. His “how-to” e-books are hope-filled road maps for success.

I started with his Kindle e-book, 24 Hours & Published: How To Write a Fiction or Nonfiction Book then Market, Publish, & Sell- FAST!

Did I sense a skeptical frown somewhere? I had one, too, thinking that the world might have enough e-book instructionals.

What makes Brandon’s book stand out?

He lists “Five Myths About Writing A Book.” He’s blunt, honest and encouraging. While others are blushing over their lack of English degree, Brandon is finding ways to create and publish non-fiction that informs and inspires.

I like how the author has employed his medical problem-solving skills in diagnosing possible book topics. For instance, Brandon shows steps he takes to estimate and calculate how a certain e-book is selling to forecast how well your own work might do in that niche. This amazing method alone would make the book a profitable investment for prospective authors.

I’m grateful at what this author has NOT done. This is a 58-page primer, not a comprehensive guide. There are too many books by self-ordained experts, authors who claim to have done it all and want to tell you how to, also. As you see more “by Brandon Ruse” titles arrive on Amazon, you’ll be sure this is the road map he used to get there.

His 99 cent purchase price shows that he isn’t trying to reach only a select few. Brandon stresses that “profit is nice, but value is most important.”

Forget the lottery. Use that buck here. Brandon Ruse is the winning ticket.


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