Writers Love Anniversaries

Amazon.com knows the secret word.

The e-mail came, promising a one-day sale on select Kindle e-books, marking the two-year anniversary of…

Why? Because of an ANNIVERSARY. I got excited, thinking about the historic beginnings of Kindle. I looked it up. Nov. 19, 2007, is the date that will live in publishing infamy.

Oops. I hadn’t read the whole e-mail pitch. Amazon wanted a national holiday, or a sales celebration, to salute the two-year founding of “Amazon Daily Deals.”

I didn’t buy. I didn’t bite.

I did get an inspirational reminder.

Anniversaries will befriend any writer, fiction or nonfiction. The anniversary is a time to celebrate or contemplate. “Then” versus “now.” A glimpse at the past allows us to ponder the future.

The anniversary is the meal ticket for many journalists. When the present pales, the reporter simply looks back one year.

Pick a date, real or imaginary. Your writing will thank you.

Meanwhile, enjoy the power of the anniversary, courtesy of The Flintstones.

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