96-Year-Old Fred Stobaugh Knows Writing Secret

Fred Stobaugh, upon hearing his song "Oh, Sweet Lorraine" recorded. (Courtesy Green Shoe Studio)

Fred Stobaugh, upon hearing his song “Oh, Sweet Lorraine” recorded.
(Courtesy Green Shoe Studio)

How could a 96-year-old man without the proper college degree or appropriate creative experience write a beautiful song?

How COULDN’T he?

Fred Stobaugh is a hero. He wrote a tribute to his recently-deceased wife, “Oh, Sweet Lorraine.” He wrote it for her. He wrote it for himself.

He wrote it because he believed that true love last for more than one lifetime.

There’s the secret.


There was truth and sincerity in every word.

Bravo, Fred. Lorraine is smiling down on us all, thanks to you.

I just looked at Fred’s Facebook page, managed by his family. He’s not taking any of this for granted. A photo of his handwritten P.S. to the world is seen and transcribed:

A letter and many thanks from Fred Stobaugh to the kind people in the world that are giving me so much attention and liking my song “Sweet Lorraine” that I wrote as my tribute to my beautiful wife, Lorraine.

She gave me 75 years of her life and two beautiful daughters. It comforts me and helps me overcome the loneliness that I have been through to know there are still good people in this world. I want to thank all the nice people who liked my song and bought it. I pray that God will care for and watch over you kind and great people, again I wish you all the best in life, always.

Thank you all, I love you.

Fred Stobaugh

See Fred’s whole story here, told by Green Shoe Studio, the visionary group who made a widower’s wishes become a gift for all of us.


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