Rick “TOONS” Lem Chooses Himself

I believe the publisher's self-portrait is on the right?!?

How many publishers add their own self-portrait on their masthead?

Creative people spend lifetimes sitting still, waiting to be chosen.

Submitting to editors, agents, even contests. Still waiting for that go-ahead.

Why wait?

Rick Lem is a local hero. He chose himself.

Twenty seven years ago, the man who loved to draw found a better way. This fan of witty writing created his own world: TOONS.

Fueled by advertising dollars, TOONS is a free weekly newspaper. Lem includes an array of syndicated cartoons and comics (Bizarro, Speed Bump and Off the Mark are favorites in this house). Of course, some front page is reserved for his own one-panel creations. Lem-created spot illustrations grace additional ads in every issue.

His sense of humor oozes throughout every issue. House ads have photos of different merchants giving away ads. One other photo shows a periodical peeking out from a toilet stall. “TOONS available in public restrooms everywhere,” is the caption I recall.

Funny fans, you’d pay a buck for a one-day newspaper with comics. For the same price, Lem’s TOONS offers a whole week’s collection. Check out his subscription deals at his zany website.

Laugh daily. Create often. Rick Lem shows us the way.


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