One WalMart Worker Inspires

Dear WalMart:

You’re not my most favorite store in the world. The reasons are well-known. Sadly, you’re my only choice for some items in some communities as I travel.

How could I witness magic, beauty and love from one of your employees?

That fact astounded me during a recent visit to a store.

A worker left his empty garden center cash register post to lower the automatic door separating the inside building from the outdoor patio.

“Good,” he said to himself. “You got out.”

He saw me watching.

“A hummingbird got trapped in here. I wanted it to have a way out.”

He returned to his register, only to groan.

The hummingbird hadn’t escaped, after all. He sighed and raised the door again.

Sure enough, fluttering from rafter beam to beam in the high ceiling was a gorgeous ruby-throated hummingbird.

I told a second shopper who just entered the section what humane kindness was unfolding.

The female customer smiled. She found some silk flowers to hold aloft. She was going to lead the hummingbird to the reopened exit.

“Red attracts hummingbirds,” she said. “I hope this helps.”

I left before the rescue effort was complete. I wanted to stay and see a happy ending.

Instead, I wanted your corporation to know such compassion exists in your sterile stores. Your worker never wasted a second. No customers were left waiting. In fact, I would have been repulsed to find the dead, rotting remains of such an amazing creature falling upon your shelves.  Accident/incident averted!

Sadly, I can’t shake the feeling that some supervisor/manager would have punished or even fired this inspiring individual. If it’s not part of a corporate training video or approved employee handbook, is it still allowed?

Be grateful for such brave, compassionate individuals who‘ll wear your blue vests. For the modest wage you’re paying that person, know that you’re getting a bargain.

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