Paula Neal Mooney Showcases Kindle Power

Two reasons I like Kindle?

1. My wife related another yoga class student’s astonishment: “I’ve read 50 books this year, and not a single tree died!”

2. Once, authors created books. Today, Kindle authors create relationships.

As an example, appreciate the titles of Paula Neal Mooney. As a future Kindle author myself, I’m relishing the “been there, done that” teaching of veterans like Paula.

freeKindleCoversBook2I just snared the revised edition of her Free Kindle Book Covers. I’m delighted that she includes more than 90 color screen shots. An author who tells where to go is good. Someone who SHOWS and tells? Even better!

I’ve combined this with her revised Amazon Kindle Books Self Publishing.

How many years would a mainstream print publisher have taken to include updates, providing recent findings of an author? One year? Ha. Try two.

Paula’s been able to refine her experiences, sharing her most updated discoveries, in MONTHS.

Most of all, I’m delighted that the author is using her Amazon author page to keep her readership informed. There’s opportunities, through her page and her blog, to share our own victories with her. I’m hoping I’ll have a Kindle triumph of my own to recap in one of her 2014 editions.

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