Joe Donatelli Mines His Blog For Buried Treasure

GriswoldJoe Donatelli impressed me once with his Labor Day devotional.

Now, this creative blogger has a model we all should observe.

New on Amazon Kindle is Joe’s Full Griswold: Stories from a Honeymoon in Italy. He shared on a blog newsgroup his publishing strategy. Six of his travel essays that first appeared on his blog were taken offline. He added four more features, buffed up his previous content and created a 99-cent business card.

Don’t I mean e-book?

Maybe. All I know is that anyone experiencing Joe’s humor and insight will want to go “Full Donatelli.” Blog/magazine articles/etc. It’s a low-cost, enticing introduction to a writer worth knowing — and following.

Meanwhile, writer/author/bloggers striving to create all-new content need to take note. Joe went above and beyond in making his great Italian coverage new and improved. I’m sure he’ll find out that Kindle readers and blog audiences aren’t always the same two crowds.

What old stories do you have that could find new life? Reincarnate those words. Thanks for the Griswoldian spark, Joe!

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