Why Billy Crystal Makes Me Laugh

CrystalBookBilly Crystal’s latest book, Still Foolin’ ‘Em: Where I’ve Been, Where I’m Going, and Where the Hell Are My Keys?, is a winner.

Anyone wanting to see a talented author in action can learn a lot from Crystal’s book. Here are three reasons why it works:

1. Laugh Out Loud Funny: You don’t need the book on CD. You will HEAR Crystal’s voice is every sentence, each story and countless laughs. The simple advice of “read it aloud to see how your writing feels” works for the master.

2. Forget the close-up: Crystal doesn’t insist on having every punch-line. He shares the spotlight, allowing his friends, family and co-stars to shine, too. As a result, the author becomes the perfect party host. The reader becomes another character, enjoying the energy flowing throughout.

3. FOCUS: Crystal sets the rules of the book in the beginning. He’s writing about turning 65. Therefore, he reflects on the past and ponders the future with those parameters. In fact, Crystal shares a great bit of advice from Bill Cosby, something I see he adapted into his authorship role.

“Just talk,” Bill once told Billy. “Don’t let them see that you’re working.”

Billy Crystal may not be “just talking” in his latest book. But every page works quite well.

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