Who Writes 1-Star Amazon Reviews?

I pondered one-star reviews on Amazon.com in an earlier blog column. As publication of my first e-book approaches (stay tuned next week for updates), I mulled over who might comment on my latest.

Originally, I looked only to the words used in one-star protests. I didn’t spotlight any dung-flinging reviewers.

I’ve looked at a few more examples of roadkill review. There are instances of consumers upset, rightly, at the cost of a book not matching its payback. Specifically, an expensive advance order will get egged more often than a bargain book blowout.

Mainly, I’m seeing frustrated authors turning to reviewing. These are woulda/coulda/shoulda complaints. They aren’t internet trolls who feast on gutter criticism, but angry writers jealous that they aren’t THAT published author.

Keep the blinders on, fledgling authors. Run your own race. Get your own projects done. Self-publish. This quest is about telling and sharing stories, not who gets the life-size cardboard cutout photo at the bookstore. Your writing (and maybe a few readers) will thank you.


One thought on “Who Writes 1-Star Amazon Reviews?

  1. Amen to that, Tom!

    Don’t worry about any reviews you receive on Amazon; I’ve learned to love all of them (or at least try) because I realize that reviews mean activity, which I believe is good in terms of ranking our books on Amazon.

    I thank God for the 5-star witty reviews received from people who’ve actually read the book, and even ones that aren’t as many stars, as long as they are honest. But I’ve seen a couple of reviews where I think people actually bought the book just to leave a bad review. Or one person left a review saying that my book was full of curse words when I don’t remember putting one curse word in there. Weird. Whatever. I don’t respond but simply keep moving on. Amazon does have a vehicle to report reviews that are based on hate, and I think they may actually remove some sometimes.

    Congrats on your impending publication. It is a very fulfilling feeling.

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