Paula Neal Mooney’s Book Background

Write for yourself, and everyone else will read, too.

This summer, Paula Neal Mooney wrote Make Money from Home Writing Kindle Books. She chose 10 authors making anywhere from $650 a month to six figures a year.

I asked her what SHE learned from her subjects. This is like asking a waiter what HE likes to eat at the restaurant. In other words, don’t sell me some excess entrée. Tell me if you enjoy the meal…and WHY.

She provided notes of how each author inspired her.

Lessons I Learned From Researching Brian:

Looks like he writes a variety of different books, seeing as though he has a children’s book and a recipe weight loss book. Also, hiding behind a persona (I use pen names, too) might pay, because that “Hanna Getty” has six books under that author name, all about vegan type of stuff. He uses a great author photo, one I didn’t find under any stock photography places, and only uncovered it used in a “stock photo” kind of way.

 Lessons I Learned from Thomas:

He writes that most of his Kindle books are around 5,000 words – which is short and sweet, seeing as though Microsoft Word is already telling me that I’ve written 2,350 words in this book thus far. I think that’s a great lesson, and no wonder he’s been able to publish nearly 40 books if they’re that short!

 Lessons I Learned from the Couple:

Tenacity pays. They buckled down and wrote those books – and writing multiple books pays as well. That way, if the first few don’t hit – the 7th book just might, or the 13th, or whatever, so it helps not to give up too early.

Also, I learned that having pressing needs helps motivate us. That’s why I’m writing this book on a Sunday afternoon instead of resting and watching TV. I’d love to continue to see my Kindle earnings skyrocket and pay off a bunch of debt in my life.

Lessons I Learned From Cheryl:

It’s nice to take a recent look at Cheryl’s author page on Amazon to see the things that I first learned about her book sales success – and one thing I remember is that her book “The River” came out around the same time as the ABC show of the same name, so a book along similar lines and of the same theme did well.

Lessons Learned from Battles:

Outside of the standard “write what you love” edict, it appears that Battles is writing well. Not only has he won a prestigious award for his writing, but putting out four new titles in one year might sound like a fast pace to some from the old school days, but compared to the 40-books-in-a-few-months frenetic outsourcing pace of others, it shows that those who prefer to write their own quality work may find a large audience as well – and plenty of sales, once people discover and buy their work in droves.”

Beware of the nonfiction author unable to say what he or she got out of the just-written book. A royalty doesn’t count. If the content isn’t meaningful to the authors, why would we care?

Well done, Paula!


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