What Does An Amazon.com Customer Review Mean?

To an author, everything!

One of my earliest 2014 goals is the desire to write more reviews for the website.

Years ago, I shrugged off the “Write A Review” invitation on each product page.

Amazon is huge. They’ll be fine without me, I thought.

Then, I realized who the review is truly for.

A review is a hotline connection to the author. This sends an immediate message for the NEXT book. Also, a publisher keeps score. I think customer opinions might be as influential as an author’s promises when it comes to considering a future book project.

For those who grumble that no payment is attached to an Amazon review, know that other “in kind” payments can follow. Call it karma, luck or conscience. Your time will come to stand in the spotlight. While there will always be a one-star dung-flinging bully out there, good people are ready to give your efforts thoughtful consideration.  Pave the critical way for them.


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