‘There Ya Go’ = New Cashier Anthem?

Dear Disgruntled Cashier:

Once, I was thanked for my business. Your new farewell puzzles me.

Perhaps, you don’t want to thank me because you don’t feel this transaction helps YOU? The manager and franchise owner will keep most of the money for themselves, right?

I can imagine how tedious and boring your job could get. Plus, I’m guessing the pay isn’t huge. That’s why you’re not thanking me?

Nevertheless, you stating the obvious isn’t convincing. And, I beg you, don’t try recycling the half-hearted, “Have a nice day.”

Here’s one way you could make me feel a bit better about those inflated prices and the long wait in your line.

Add “Enjoy.”

One word can make a huge difference. I won’t insist on phony gratitude, as long as I see even the slightest interest in my return business.

That’s the truth. I hope it helps.

Or, in your language…

There ya go!


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