Kindle Author Reveals Success Secret

Just $1.99 on Kindle!

Just $1.99 on Kindle!

Diana Star Helmer is proof of the power of asking.

Her newest mid-grade novel is A Dog’s Best Friend, out just this week.

The Kindle e-book features a dog named Bing. Bing loves to be loved, thinking that he has the perfect family.

However, he can never please Mom and Kevin. What’s stopping Bing from having a dream life?

The answers come from a street-wise cat and two fast-talking mice. These unlikely companions befriend Bing. They’re shocked to find that a public zoo isn’t the welcoming shelter they hoped.

When Bing’s life is turned upside down once again, he must risk everything as he redefines what a family can be.

Prospective readers should know two stories behind this uplifting story.

First, Diana found great support from the staff of the Como Park Zoo in St. Paul. When she told about her work-in-progress and the need to research zoo gorillas, she was given time and access to understand what the lives of the animals and staff members are really like.

She won over staff members by describing WHY she needed information and HOW they could help. She outlined the vision of her novel, asking for help in making her fiction as realistic as possible.

Later, Diana found inspiration in the cover from She found the perfect pooch for a cover, a deserving dog from the South Side Animal Shelter in Indianapolis. Thanks to Rosie, then photographer Kathy Jackson Able, Diana has the cover of her dreams. Ironically, the shelter’s motto of “True love is rescued” could be a good synopsis for Diana’s novel.

Here’s what I’ve learned from seeing author Diana in action:

1. Asking is free

2. Find like-minded people, then ask with a pure, open heart.

3. Do not let a NO derail your creation. Ultimately, the one needed YES will outweigh all the turndowns.

4. Why keep asking? Not for fame and fortune. You owe it to your creation. No one can write it like you.

Please, give Diana’s newest e-book a try. You’ll laugh, cry, cheer — then want to go hug a dog.


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