Mitch Albom? Heaven Calling. About Your New Book…

Which version?

Which version?

Quoting from —

Only at Target: The First Phone Call from Heaven by Mitch Albom (Exclusive Letter + Exclusive Bonus Chapter!)

Dear Mr. Albom:

I just received a message on my answering machine. An angel named Ricky Ricardo was trying to reach you. The only other words I could decipher were something about “Mitch, you got a lot of ‘splainin’ to do!”

I knew what the angel meant. In the Sunday Target advertisement, I saw that your new book promised exclusive content only at Target.

Is there a different (or better?) story available than what the indie booksellers offer? Do they get a different chapter, too? Must readers collect the complete set?

I admire the fearless indies, those hard-working, hand-selling champions of literature. The big-box retailers will have a new favorite author next week. The ma-and-pa booksellers will stick by you. They’re the ones who need heavenly intervention.

Please, tell us that corporate mascot dog tinkled on the website. I hope this is all a soggy mistake.

If not, the crank calls from angels could increase.

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