Tom Morkes Rewrites Publishing’s Playbook

PWYWHow can you review an unpublished book?

The only possible answer comes in reviewing its author.

Tom Morkes has found success in the “Pay What You Want” (PWYW) school of publishing. Put your work out there and leave it up to readers to determine your fiscal reward.

Lining up for an unpublished book (fine, e-book) makes sense when you know where the writer’s coming from.

In short, have you found an author who walks the walk? Or, is this someone selling ancient history of how they succeeded long ago, hoping that you’ll mistake their memories for current advice? I’ve seen too many authors who milk their method dry, then want to sell the leftovers as a fresh revelation.

Not here. Tom Morkes is one quarterback confident enough to show everyone on the field his playbook, not just his teammates. Tom has the giant pie perspective. Some are greedy, hoarding every last crumb. Others believe in prosperity, sure that there’s creative slices awaiting all.

He’s offering pre-publication pricing with bonuses on his new title until Nov. 25. See you there.


2 thoughts on “Tom Morkes Rewrites Publishing’s Playbook

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