The Power of Words: How Big Is Big?

Something sad came in today’s U.S. Mail.

I was shocked by the telephone directory.

This new edition is downsized. Not fewer pages, but SMALLER pages!

All of these status quo merchants bought ads yet again.

Each book should come with a microscope. The print is tiny. I wish it was six-point type.

I’m sure the sales reps told potential advertisers almost everything. The dazzle of stats. The history of the directory.

Everything except the actual size of a quarter-page ad.

The annoyance of using a shrunken directory won’t result in complaints to the telephone company. I’m guessing that annoyed callers will tell advertisers how difficult they are to reach.

Don’t fear “stupid” questions, especially when money is involved. When choosing words for a FAQ or any communication, don’t think about one general message for the world. Think about one person.

One squinting person like me.


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