Don’t Fruitcake Us With Your Writing

Who wouldn’t give fruitcake to their worst enemy this Christmas?

Yes, most of us have known the one-gift-fits-all giver.

These people seemed to buy these sticky logs by the semi load. Of course, I bet they wouldn’t eat a slice of this mystery food on a dare. Nevertheless, they’re sure that everyone else will be happy.

Those of you laughing might be guilty of a related crime.

I’m delighted by Sophie Lizard, the brains behind the cool blog, “Be A Freelance Blogger.”  In a recent post, she called out writers who use a “spray and pray” system with queries. One idea is sent EVERYWHERE.

I understand. I write another blog, Baseball By The Letters. Maybe once a month, I’ll hear from a polite but misguided writer. They want to guest-post a feature about snowboarding. Or playing poker. Or some other oddity.

I know they haven’t spent 5 seconds looking at past blog entries. One search could tell them what the blog is (or is NOT) about.

Not everyone in the world wants a fruitcake for Christmas. Likewise, not every editor or reader is a match for your writing.

Pause. Take time to shop for a match for your written gift. Then, both the giver and recipient should have merrier Christmases.

P.S. – Who’s up for making “fruitcake” the next annoying verb?


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