Is WJM News Writer Murray Slaughter Real?


Welcome to Iowa!

Welcome to Iowa!

I was delighted to see the “Not a Christmas Story” episode from season 5 of the Mary Tyler Moore Show over the holidays.

Everyone loves the snowed-in staff being forced to share a holiday meal in the station.

Well, I just relived the front half of the show this week.

Murray Slaughter and Ted Baxter have a battle. Ted doesn’t want to read Murray’s copy on air, touting news from “around the world and around the corner.” Ted flip-flops the slogan, claiming he knows best. That’s why everyone is so angry at Sue Ann’s dinner.

Cut to a current station ID from Iowa Public Radio, heard just this week. I couldn’t believe my ears. Guess where their news is from?

Sorry, Ted. The Iowans are using Murray’s version. After years of retirement, the fictional character is back in journalism!


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