‘The Creative Entrepreneur’ Is 2014’s First Must-Have Reading

CreativeEntrepreneurI’m part of a Dream Team.

I’m proud to have an article telling about the making of my first-ebook, 101 PO’ed Poems: Frustrations in Free Verse, as part of the debut issue of The Creative Enterpreneur.

This 119-page journal’s theme is COURAGE. I write about finding the courage to be a poet.

Publisher Tom Morkes is one courageous leader. He’s filled this issue with input from creative visionaries like Steven Pressfield and Chris Guillebeau, doers I’ve admired for years.

“I know him!” “That’s HER!” readers will blurt.

Then, there’s a few “hmmm…” discoveries, like yours truly.

For me, I’m most delighted to see heart-felt essays from these up-and-comers. There’s wall-to-wall generosity here. No grunts of “no stealing my thunder!” The inspiration is doubled, seeing that each writer isn’t afraid of adding another seat at the creative table. The success pie has endless pieces. These makers and shakers are willing to share.

Sports fans take special pride in saying, “I saw him in his first-ever game. I followed him since his rookie season.”

Relatedly, these names are ones you’ll encounter often in the future. Their achievements have just begun.

Likewise, the possibilities are endless for this innovative journal, ready for twice-yearly publication.

I salute Tom Morkes. Check out his “pay what you will” download offer. All of this can be yours for as little as $1. Believe!


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