Facing Hall of Fame Author Bob Gibson

BobGibsonI’ll never forget my momentary meeting with former St. Louis Cardinals pitcher Bob Gibson.

“Thank you for your book Stranger To The Game,” I said.

He glared. I thought he’d dust me off with an inside pitch.

“Did you get the title?” he asked.

I smiled and nodded. “Baseball today has trouble matching what you knew and loved.”

Gibson’s grin exploded like one of his fastballs. “Good!”

I thought WE had just won the World Series.

The moral of this story?

If you’re going to talk to any author, bring a “why.”

You loved the book. So?

Have a detail. You may not have 30 seconds. Find a talking point now.

The title?

The first paragraph?

The final chapter?

When your next book comes out, wouldn’t you want the same interaction?

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