Calvin and Hobbes Creator Bill Watterson Offers Creative Lesson

Bill Watterson's first published art in 19 years!

Bill Watterson’s first published art in 19 years!

Hurray for webcartoonist Dave Kellett and Bill Watterson. Yes, THAT Bill Watterson.

Just when the world thought Watterson might be the comic strip version of Greta Garbo, he’s back!

I can’t wait for STRIPPED, the documentary-style love letter to comic strips coming to DVD April 2. This Kickstarter-funded inspiration keeps amazing.

Kellett hit the jackpot once, convincing Watterson to grant a rare interview for the documentary. The Calvin and Hobbes creator had been mostly silent since the strip ended in 1995.

Then, Kellett played the “why not?” card. He asked the elusive artist to create the documentary’s poster.

The happy results are documented in this illuminating Washington Post feature.

By the way, read closely. Watterson uses the “F” word. (No, not THAT “F” word.) It’s a question we should all ask ourselves before we begin.


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